Friday, November 9, 2012


Strands of hair get caught in my eye
And brush softly against my cheek
As a light air snuggles its way around me
And ruffles the soft waves
On the back of my neck

All is forgiven
And I can feel a new calm
The questions still linger
But don't bother me much
What will I do knowing?

Summer has set in and it isn't warm anymore
We're smothered in a heat wave
Of strangled emotions, strained connections, and physical exhaustion
And struggle to find happiness
Shining through tiny sweat beads on our brow

Twisted strands of hair
Hiding ugly twisted lies
All chopped off now
Releasing me
From the bondage of guilt

A newfound freedom
An ease in every breath
Are gifts I've received.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Soft and white
Sprawled out across the soft winter sky
Your arms encompassing all of creation
In fatherly embrace

Your warm hands cupping
Old carton-coloured moon
And your many thousand eyes
With joy, with love

A girl with withered soul
Looks heaven-ward
And finds solace and reason
To nourish and protect this
Her only possession.

Sweetest Love

Sweet love
Take my hand now
You have my heart
We shall dance
In each other's souls
Higher and slower
Till we get lost
My dreams and hands
Mangled in yours

Do you have a minute or two?
Nothing important
I want to waste it with you
It's not easy
I'm stuck in your head
I can't seem to figure you out
I'm not so free
My head is just as bad
Pull through sweetheart
Just this once

Forgive me for the traps I've laid
I've been burned
Thank You for trying
I pushed through and loved
Broken at last.

You've sewn me together
And our souls can dance again
Love is it?
It's much more my love!

Sweetest love
Let's get lost again
Here ... take my hand.


My pen is bleeding again
It's been a while
Probably got away this time
It's slipping
And I didn't notice
I need to blot it out
Before it dries up

Will you help?
Here take this cup
And hold it firm
Whilst I fill it up
And watch you squirm

You tried
You tried harder
Than any of the others

I want to place my heart
In your hand
But I'll hold you close
Because you're still trying
To love me for who I am
To forget yourself
For what I need
I tidy up my thoughts
My head.
They're still a-wanderin'
Underneath my bed

The blood is rushing
I open the bottle up
I can still smell the sweet fragrance
And you drinking up
Last year

Memories rush up my nose
And flood my head
Coagulating my mind
In restless fervor
They're not dead

Death is merely a film
You pass through it
And reach the other side
Parts of you cling on
Like wet sand embracing your skin
Thoughts like love
Hang in the infinite
Like droplets
Frozen and luminous
Frozen in a single drop
Not thin like a bubble
Like the feeling in your heart
When it bleeds

I can't seem to sleep tonight
Or yesterday
Or tomorrow
Their blood is in my face
I cannot wash it off my soul
My sons and daughters will uphold
It somewhere
And then someday
They won't sleep a night
Or three
And maybe
Just maybe
Their pens might bleed again
Trying to wash their father's sins

Can you help them up?
I didn't think so
But thank you
For today.


Faith is a funny word

Can you have it, and lose it
And find it again?
Because if you lose it,
then it isn't faith.

So would I be condemned if I said
I had faith once
But now it's dead?

The Lord knows the battles I have fought
And won each one
Because I tried

So leave me here with my piece of faith
And may you have a morsel too.


If I had to say
What's really on my mind
If I had to tell you I've not left
Any of it behind
Would you tear at me
With your eyes?

Maybe you would hate
A little at a time.

If I had to stray
Not all at once
What would you say?
Would you stay?

You've woken up to wasted cards
And expectations
It could be helped
If you'd looked hard
If you'd looked once
Do you understand?

I've fallen
Into another place
It's not your place
It's not all good
It's not my fault
Or yours
This time it's just better
Not understood.

Night tales

Light conversation
A few laughs
Carried by soft wind from mouth to ear
The moonlight
Like memories
Of the cold cold Delhi night in May

Goblets of wine lay half full
Like the moon that night
And the stars appear and disappear
Behind puffs of floating air
that cried awhile
Softening the earth and leaves and hearts
Of a hardened city's soul

The reunion of three friends had touched
The centre of the universe that night
Their heads slightly circling
Like the spiral staircase their feet had kissed
Just minutes before
Their amalgamated blood now inviting
Sweet slumber
And even more creative monologues of sorts.
Again and again
And a sense of time standing thick and passing slowly
With every bite of bread
Laden with dreamy cheese

Accusations of slowly slipping into the subconscious
Never irked their wistfully drunk veins
That the Gods,
Filled with sympathy
Chose to ignore that day.